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Highland Radio is the local radio service for the County Donegal (North) franchise, operating under a licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). Headquartered at the Mountain Top in Letterkenny, the station may also be received across the border in the city of Derry and the rest of that county, as well as County Tyrone, County Fermanagh and parts of County Antrim. Highland began broadcasting on 15 March 1990, and is currently franchised until 2024. It is currently Ireland's Number One Local Radio Station, a claim backed up by having both the highest reach figures (88% 7-day, 67% weekday) and market share (65.9%) of any local station within the Republic of Ireland. The station also ranks as the most successful local radio station in Europe. Highland Radio employs 21 full-time and 40 part-time employees, and is home to Shaun Doherty, who, according to analysts, is Ireland's most popular radio presenter, and is considered an institution in the north-west. On 12 August 2012, Highland Radio received an international exclusive interview with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt live on air from the Olympics in London.

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